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Category: UK Flatmate Websites
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Monday To Friday Review

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Monday to Friday is one of the more unusual sites we have reviewed in this category. The idea behind this site is that it gives people who work away from home the chance to save money (and save themselves the long commute) by living in someone’s spare room. The site also offers other temporary space solutions, including office space or meeting venues for those who may need space to work in outside of their normal location. Although this site has a very specific type of audience, we don’t see a reason why users looking for any kind of short-term stay couldn’t use it.

Monday to Friday covers a wide range of UK towns and cities, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and more, with users being able to find suitable space nearby using a postcode search. Creating adverts is straightforward and follows a similar pattern to that at other sites. Users can add photos and information about their space to their advert in order to “sell” it to professionals who may wish to use it.

A few things about this site, unfortunately, let it down a little – which means it didn’t make it to the top of the rankings in this category. Firstly, it doesn’t seem to us to be that popular. There doesn’t seem to be a wide number of active users on the site, and when we ran a few basic searches, very few adverts were returned. Secondly, we’re not sure the concept is perfect for everyone – most users don’t want to rent a room for mid-week only, so the site is aimed at a relatively small market. Finally, compared to other sites in this category, the adverts themselves aren’t that easy to navigate. Membership of the site is also pretty steep, coming in at £40 for three months – meaning if you’re using the site on a long term basis to “sell” your spare space, you’ll be looking at a fairly substantial outlay in the first instance.

Although we did enjoy seeing what this site had to offer, and found the concept interesting, we don’t really think it’s one that has fully taken off yet, and this shows in how popular the site seems to be. What’s more, if you’re looking for a working-week let, Spareroom, our number one site in this category, also operates a service for users looking for this specific type of let – so there’s no need to be confined to small number of ads on Monday to Friday. All in all, if you’re specifically looking for a place to lay your head during the working week, this could be right for you, but if not, you’re probably better off trying to find a room using the other sites in this category.

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